Recruitment and Payrolling
We currently offer payroll processing services to leading clients in the region. Whether you are a company with staff strength of 1 or 1000, you can consider outsourcing your payroll to SOLID.
The advantages include:

  • Cost reduction by eliminating the need for a dedicated payroll team within the organization
  • State of the art system under the care of an experienced payroll management team
  • Guidance on compliance with local mandatory requirements
  • Reduced cost
  • Eliminate fraudulent activities
  • Attention focused on core business issues
  • Avoid payroll information walking out of the door
  • Experts at your service
  • Compliance management
  • Avoid technology headaches
  • Sharing updates
  • Confidentiality

Payroll Services offered by SOLID

  • Maintain payroll information relating to all employees
  • Salary processing including OT, bonus, incentives etc
  • Preparation and delivery of pay slip of every employee in clients’ desired format and mode
  • Coordinating with the company or group HR department
  • Preparing transfer letters to the bank
  • Multi-currency salary payments
  • Preparing accrual reports
  • Calculation of EOSB
  • Employee travel expense management
  • Co-ordination for work permits
  • Online leave management system through Employee Self Service portal
  • Wage Protection System (WPS) payments and setup assistance

Benefits to you get from SOLID:

  • Save your efforts in investing in expensive payroll software
  • Savings in system maintenance
  • Accurate and on time payroll processing
  • Customized pay slips
  • “txt” files for banks
  • Knowledge of local labor law and regulations
  • Department – wise, cost center/profit center- wise break up of salary
  • Monthly reconciliation reports
  • Automated notification of expiring documents
On Demand workforce supply
We are specialist in On-demand workforce supply with a large strength of workforce which can be deployed for your on demand needs quickly and efficiently. The immediate supply of workforce has helped many of our clients to maintain the sales flow without compromising on the quality of service.
Our commitment to give you the best talent and provide you with perfect match for your requirements sourcing from across the Globe; we ensure that we source the best talent for you from any part of the world quickly and efficiently by directly recruiting them from the desired country. We provide end to end solution from sourcing, selecting and onboarding with unsurpassed expertise and quality of service.

Management Consultancy
Today’s business is all about maintaining a steady focus and hitting the bull’s eye each time, over and over again. It is just not enough to deliver the right experiences to the right people. One has to do it when the time is perfect. Aligning business goals with the right timing in order to experience maximum positive outcome is what our formidable experts at SOLID excel at achieving with every client.
We believe in building capabilities within the boundaries of businesses and connecting those capabilities to business vision and goals. Winning at every stage of the journey is a daunting task, especially for a new or a fledgling business. At SOLID, we strengthen the core functionalities of an organisation by helping its people identify, develop, implement and execute winning strategies. Each company has unique and complex roadblocks that stunt its growth at various levels. Our team identifies the source of such roadblocks and flushes it out to bring the company back to its healthy self. Be it leadership issues, organisational restructuring or setting up a brand new vision, we, at SOLID offer our support at every stage of the strategic journey of our customer.

The SOLID Advantage Our Expertise

Our multifaceted, multidisciplinary services include, but are not limited to-:


  • Vision Strategy – SOLID Helps Bring Clarity To An Organisation’s Vision And Transform The Vision Into Reality By Devising A Strategy Roadmap For A Sustainable Business Growth.
  • Business Strategy – Among The Few Things That A Business Needs, Strategy Tops The List. Be It A Small Startup Or A Multi-Million Dollar Venture, Every Business Should Have A Crystal Clear Strategic Planning That Includes Knowledge Of Present Standing, Roadmap For Growth And Future Projections. Our Strategy Experts At SOLID Partner With You To Develop Clear Business Goals, A Roadmap For Achieving Them And Tools And Means For Analyzing And Measuring Every Progress.
  • Leadership Strategy – A Healthy And United Leadership Always Empowers Team Members With A Sense Of Purpose That Drives Positive Outcome. We, At SOLID, Help Businesses Develop Meaningful Strategies That Facilitate In Engaging Top Management To Work Together And Achieve Far More Than Individual Efforts Could Achieve. By Aligning Organisation’s Leadership Vision And Culture With Business Strategies, Our Consultants Are Able To Close Gaps And Identify Shortcomings.
  • Execution Strategy – It Is Not Enough To Create A Roadmap For Business Growth. It Is Equally Important To See It Through Every Stage Of Its Execution. At SOLID, We Believe That Superior Strategy Execution Is The Most Essential Factor For Driving Results. By Aligning The Entire Workforce Of An Organisation To The Strategy, The Team Has A Definite Purpose That Helps The Company Gain Better Results, Faster.

Organisational Restructuring

When an organisation’s existing goals and strategy fail to deliver expected results, it is time for repositioning of the organisation’s strategic focus. Our team of experts at SOLID uses best practices to assist in changing the key internal structures of an organisation that include legal, ownership, operational, workforce and other structures, if any, that are typical to that organisation. By aligning structure to strategy, reducing complexity, creating feasible roles and focusing on core activity, we help a failing organization get back on the road to success.
For a successful deployment of any strategy, it is vital to align the entire team to its goals by understanding the personalities of team members and imparting necessary training, when required. SOLID helps facilitate seamless restructuring by aligning the team to the new structure of the organization.

International Standards Training

It is crucial for an organisation to accomplish the benchmarks and standards established by the various International Boards of Standards. Our consultants offer training to our customers for achieving these certificates by successfully meeting the standards of the auditing boards.
Discover how SOLID can transform your business and help you achieve measurable growth. Contact us today.

Permanent Recruitment
Based on client need, we recommend permanent recruitment for certain key positions.
Our team can take up such assignments when given a firm mandate by the client. Once the sign up is completed, SOLID will brainstorm with the client, and initiate a structured search process.
With reference to the position, the client will be requested to provide information on roles and responsibilities, key performance indicators and desired educational qualification and experience.

  • SOLID will pre-screen all target candidates to determine a possible match for the position. Following the initial short-listing, a Consultant from SOLID will interview and identify the most suitable candidates for presenting to the client.
  • SOLID will submit a snap shot / CV of each short-listed candidate outlining the essential background and experience. The client will be requested to provide feedback within 3 working days with their selected list of candidates for further process.
  • SOLID will assist the client in making necessary arrangements to interview the selected candidates. The decision on hiring will be taken by the client on the basis of interview conducted with candidates.
  • If required, SOLID can assist the successful candidate and the client, to schedule and complete their negotiations and agreement. The client will take responsibility for processing the required work permit and travel papers (if applicable) for the selected candidates.
Contract Staffing
Contract Staffing, also known as employee outsourcing, is the flagship service of SOLID.
In the contract staffing model, a person is recruited as an employee of SOLID and deputed or outsourced to a client.
The person will work full time with the client organization with all payroll and HR undertaken by SOLID. SOLID is fully licensed for this activity, and our staffing process is fully compliant in line with UAE labor laws and regulations.

Advantages of Contract Staffing through SOLID

  • Reduced employee costs, freeing up of internal resources and a focus on the client’s core business
  • Faster turnaround on recruitment, replacements when required, and lower headcount even during an expansion phase
  • Bespoke or customized solutions to the client, such as appraisal, performance review and recommendation on increments and incentives
  • One point of contact for the client – a relationship manager – who would serve as the interface and communicate the needs of the client
  • Employees are assured of statutory entitlements such as medical insurance, annual leave passage and compensation on par with industry standards
  • An exclusive Employee Care team at SOLID is in regular contact with deputes, monitoring their satisfaction levels at work and resolving issues that may arise

On-boarding of Contract Staff

When we recruit employees for the purpose of contract staffing, we undertake processing of all the formalities. Following the visa being granted by the authorities, we take the candidates on our payroll, and outsource them to clients.
During the completion of the visa formalities, and while taking the candidate on our payroll, we provide support on various fronts to ensure seamless on-boarding and minimal involvement from the client:

  • Our recruitment team is in constant touch with candidates in their home country
  • We provide necessary guidance and clarifications on UAE as a work location
  • We speak to candidates’ family members if required, and answer any queries they may have
  • We also facilitate compiling and collection of documents
  • When the selected candidates arrive, based on need, we arrange for airport pick up and initial hotel stay if required. We also help with bank account opening and provide assistance in finding accommodation.
  • We conduct an extensive induction and orientation programme, which includes creating awareness of local customs, lifestyle and culture
  • We brief our deputies on client’s policies, rules and regulations
  • We provide a dedicated 24 X 7 helpdesk (800 ECARE) for employee grievances and queries
HR Services
While companies globally are forced to look for cost saving means in areas pertaining to HR functions in order to channelize the funds towards core functions, SOLID has come up with astute HR services that can assist clients in pursuing their core business processes without holding up their resources on HR related activities.
Our expert services lower the financial impact on your company to a large extent while ensuring lateral and vertical growth. A complete range of HR processes is delivered at minimum risk as well as cost effectively.
A whole spectrum of offerings at SOLID includes but is not limited to:

  • Recruitment And Resourcing (Complete Recruitment Cycle)
  • HR Frameworks
  • Workforce Administration (Inclusive Of Entire Range Of HR Administration, Payroll, Conflict Resolution, Learning And Performance Management, Time And Attendance)
  • Compensation And Benefits
  • Performance And Learning
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Feedbacks
  • Payroll And Time

The SOLID HR Advantage

At SOLID, we closely follow the latest market trends and adopt state-of-the-art tools and methodologies in order to provide premier HR services to our client. We adhere to best practices for every service offered and combine the most effective of the traditional and modern services to ensure successful delivery.Our multifarious team, brought together from across the world, bring to the table disparate HR systems that are unified to achieve a foolproof global HR platform that helps in maximizing efficiency of all HR processes while reducing costs drastically. Our services guarantee improvements in employee satisfaction in your organization within just a few months.

In the United Arab Emirates, PRO Services relate to the administrative work required in any regulatory matters between an individual or organisation and any of the government’s departments. PRO services typically cover the administrative work in setting up companies, such as submitting documents, obtaining approvals and applying for trade licenses/certificates. SOLID can also organise various types of visas and other UAE compliance and regulatory documents in order for businesses to operate and for their staff to live and work in the UAE.

The Services

  • Company and business setup, licensing, labour and immigration liaison services
  • Doing business in the UAE
  • Business setup guidance
  • Template preparation for legal and notary approvals
  • Memorandum of understanding (MOU)
  • Power of attorney (POA)
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Legal support activities
  • Government liaison and support

Department of Economic Development

  • Trade name registration
  • Initial approval
  • Issue of trade license
  • Renewal of trade license
  • Arranging office inspection from Municipality

Ministry of labour (MOL)

  • Open up electronic file in labour department
  • Apply for e-signature card for the owner
  • Apply for work permit from MOL
  • Updating trade license in MOL
  • Renewal of labour card
  • Visa cancellation


  • Open up establishment card
  • Investor approval for foreign partners
  • Employment visa/entry permit from immigration
  • Resident visa for families of employees
  • Renewal of visit visa
  • Renewal of residence visa

Chamber of Commerce

  • Registering company with chamber of commerce
  • Renewal of chamber registration
  • Certificate of origin
  • Service menu

Supplementary Services

  • Emirates ID application
  • Trade mark registration
  • Legal translation of documents
  • LLC incorporation payment in the Ministry of Economy
  • Arrange medical screening
  • Apply for health Insurance
  • Application of visit visa from embassies for selected nationalities
  • Attestation of all type of documents from foreign affairs and embassies
  • Car registration
  • Arrangement of visit visas for visitors to the UAE
  • Tax Certificate from Ministry of Finance UAE- Personal and Companies
  • All type of Insurance support ( Contract All Risk Policy, Contract Plant and Machinery,Workmen’s Compensation, Medical Insurance,Motor Insurance etc) for companies and personal.
  • Staff and Labor accommodation arrangements.